Grid Beam in the Studio

In the newly expanded Chthonic Theater art studio/prop shop there has been a need for a while to create better storage for the ever-growing piles of large costumes puppets and props that we use in our parades, musicals and other shows.

Clearly the best solution was to use grid beam, a modular, reusable, sustainable building system not unlike a giant erector set. Chthonic Theater’s members have a long-standing collaboration with the makers of grid beam since we all met a few years back while some members of our troupe were traveling with a puppet show in Willits, CA.

We’ve been able to make great use of the beam we acquired from our friends up in Willits as I discussed in this earlier blog post, and we continue to build, take apart and rebuild with it. This material is really reusable because you can repurpose it as your needs change. We’ve had this beam for a couple of years and already it’s been used for an outdoor solar theater in Black Rock City, set pieces for Ship of Fools, storage and more…

I was able to bust out this durable storage solution in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build it from scratch.

And this storage area for fabrics and sewing supplies doubles as a couch!

Soon you’ll be able to purchase pre-drilled grid beam from the makers at


  1. Hi Rachel! Just found this post this morning-fantastic! Got some innovation going on, love the sky hooks and the storage bench is great! Also great to see additional shots of the curtain in use… Maya visited over the weekend with friend Nick(using basement studio) came and picked up some beam for project… am concerned about her health regarding electro magnetic frequencies… she also brought me some photos from our shared past including Christo’s Running Fence! Will make you copies… Miss you and yer sisters… hope yer all well and do look forward to our eventual reunion! There is developing news to share and how it might all roll out. Sending you my best wishes for this upcoming winter season!
    PS- I would be remiss not to invite you/all to Annie’s 18th annual Spiral Dance held at the Grange. We have now installed ceiling projector with ceiling drop screen for ‘special effects’ A Winter Solstice with Mayan and Astrological inputs- performers will be highly costumed. Lodging is offered in this invitation friday December 21 please consider we’d love to have you.

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